11 July 2015

Life History of the Common Yeoman

Life History of the Common Yeoman (Cirrochroa tyche rotundata)

Butterfly Biodata:
Genus: Cirrochroa Doubleday, 1847
Species: tyche C & R Felder, 1861
Sub-species: rotundata Butler, 1879
Wingspan of Adult Butterfly: 50-60mm
Caterpillar Local Host Plants: Hydnocarpus castanea (Achariaceae), Hydnocarpus alpina (Achariaceae).

A male Common Yeoman puddling on wet ground.

A pristine male Common Yeoman resting on the underside of a leaf.

Another puddling male Common Yeoman.

Physical Description of Adult Butterfly:
On the uppersdie, the wings are tawny orange with black distal margin, sinuate marginal and submarginal lines. The hindwing has a series of black post-discal spots. The female is duller orange with black margin at the forewing apex broader than that in the male. On the underside, the wings are paler orange in the male and dull brownish orange in the female. Both wings feature a silvery white transverse discal band.

A female Common Yeoman resting on a perch.

A female Common Yeoman showing us its upperside.

A female Common Yeoman sunbathing on a perch in between oviposition flights to the host plant nearby.

Field Observations of Butterfly Behaviour:
This newly discovered species has so far been sighted at two locations in Singapore. The adults are rapid in flight and not easy to photograph. Typically, photography opportunities arise when the males are puddling on wet ground, or when the females are taking breaks between oviposition runs.