19 November 2012

Random Gallery - Banded LineBlue

Random Butterfly Gallery
The Banded LineBlue (Prosotas lutea sivoka)

ISO800 1/200s F/8 , Fill-flashed , Handheld

A much-needed outing for ButterflyCircle member Sunny Chir on Sunday yielded a very nice shot of the Banded LineBlue.  This species was a recent discovery in Singapore and first found in the Bukit Brown cemetery area.  It remains a mystery why the Banded Line Blue has not been observed here in Singapore after so many years.

Sunny's shot is an example of a well-executed photograph in butterfly photography in many aspects :
  • A clean and creamy background that is well-lit
  • A flowering perch with yellow flowers that complement the rather drab butterfly
  • A well-composed shot using the rule of thirds (vertically and horizontally) on both the perch and the main subject
  • A butterfly that is feeding (note proboscis extended into the flower) and not just sitting there doing nothing
  • Sharply focused subject throughout
  • Well-balanced and pleasing lighting with good contrast between the subject and its background that allows the butterfly to stand out prominently in the photo