09 September 2013

Butterflies Galore! : Tree Yellow

Butterflies Galore!
The Tree Yellow (Gandaca harina distanti)

The Tree Yellow resembles the "Grass Yellows" from the genus Eurema. Although there are at least six species from the Eurema, the Tree Yellow, the sole representative of its genus, is slightly larger and lighter yellow in appearance. The absence of any markings on the underside of this species will easily distinguish the Tree Yellow from its commoner relatives. The Tree Yellow is mainly a forest denizen and rarely seen in urban parks and gardens. The butterfly is unmarked except for a narrow black border on the upperside of the wings.

In Singapore, the Tree Yellow is often seen puddling at moist footpaths and sandy streambanks. However, it is very skittish and not easily approached. There are occasions, however, when the butterfly is more cooperative and allows a photographer to sneak up close to it for a good shot. This individual was photographed in the nature reserves by ButterflyCircle member Nelson Ong.