08 April 2013

Random Gallery - Grass Demon

Random Butterfly Gallery
The Grass Demon (Udaspes folus)

The Grass Demon is dark brown above, with the forewing featuring several white spots. The hindwing has a large white discal patch, giving the butterfly a chequered appearance as it flits low amongst grasses and shrubbery. It can be a fast flyer, but often stops to rest with its wings in the typical Hesperiidae fashion. The caterpillars of this species feed on Turmeric.

This Grass Demon was shot by ButterflyCircle member Chng CK last weekend. The butterfly with its forewings opened at an angle and the hindwings opened flat is perching on a blade of lalang. The interesting angle at which it was shot makes it appear like a lady with a flared skirt looking down from a balcony.