20 September 2014

Life History of the Peacock Royal v2.0

Life History of the Peacock Royal (Tajuria cippus maxentius)
An earlier version of the life history of the Peacock Royal can be found by clicking this link.

Butterfly Biodata:
Genus: Tajuria Moore, 1881
Species: cippus Fabricius, 1798
Subspecies: maxentius Fruhstorfer, 1912
Wingspan of Adult Butterfly: 30-34mm
Caterpillar Local Host Plants: Dendropthoe pentandra (Loranthaceae), Macrosolen cochinchinensis (Loranthaceae), Scurrula ferruginea (Loranthaceae).

Physical Description of Adult Butterfly:
On the upperside, the male is royal blue with a broad, black border on both wings, whilst the female is in light pale blue and has a post-discal and a marginal series of black spots on its hindwing. On the underside, both sexes are greyish white. Both wings have a post-discal series of black, disjoint striae, and diffuse/obscure marginal and submarginal fasciae. The hindwing has two large, black tornal spots in spaces 1a and 2 which are orange-crowned; white-tipped tails at end of veins 1b and 2, and a short tooth at end of vein 3.

Field Observations:
The Peacock Royal is moderately common in Singapore. The adults can be found in urban parks and gardens, forested areas, as well as the nature reserves. They have a rapid flight and are typically skittish when approached. They are more readily photographed when they are engrossed in taking nectar from flowers.