12 December 2012


The Final Triplet of the Millennium

As far as numerology goes, we are currently in a period of eleven years all of which have a day with the last two digits of the year repeated as a triplet in mm/dd/yy format (or dd/mm/yy or yy/mm/dd). Starting on 1 Jan 2001 which was 01-01-01, progressing to 2 Feb 2002 (or 02-02-02) and so on, today, Wednesday 12 Dec 2012 will be the last of the triplets until the next millennium or the 22nd Century comes around!

Even ButterflyCIrcle chose an auspicious 10-10-10 to launch its Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore two years ago on 10 Oct 2010. So, the final triplet of the century is probably worth some mention, as most of us will probably not be alive to see the next round of these triplets starting in 2101!

It is noteworthy to also mention that today in Singapore, a total of 540 couples have applied to be married - a number that is eight times the daily average in the previous year. Notwithstanding the fact that some geomancers consider 12 Dec 2012 as an "average" day in terms of luck, these couples have chosen the final triplet of the millennium to celebrate their nuptials.

To commemorate this date, we feature a collage of butterfly 'couples' by ButterflyCircle members. So do something worthwhile and memorable on 12-12-12, for you are not likely to enjoy another such date again in your lifetime.  Have a great day!

Text by Khew SK : Photos by Chng CK, Koh CH, Khew SK, Bobby Mun, Simon Sng, Tan BJ, Bene Tay & Mark Wong