04 April 2015

Life History of the Baron v2.0

Life History of the Baron (Euthalia aconthea gurda)

Butterfly Biodata:
Genus: Euthalia Hübner, 1819
Species: aconthea Cramer, 1777
Subspecies: gurda Fruhstorfer, 1906
Wingspan of Adult Butterfly: 50-70mm
Local Caterpillar Host Plant: Mangifera indica (Anacardiaceae, common name: Mango).

Physical Description of Adult Butterfly:
On the upperside, the male is dark brown with a broad obscure post-discal band on both wings. The inner edge of this band on the forewing bears several small whitish spots. The wings typically exudes a dark purplish tinge when viewed in sidelight. The female is larger and pale bluff brown, and the white spots on its forewing are larger and well defined. On the underside, the wings are paler and have a submarginal series of black spots on both fore- and hindwings. The proboscis is lime green.