08 August 2012

Random Gallery - Club Silverline

Random Butterfly Gallery
The Club Silverline (Spindasis syama terana)

Canon 1DMkIII + Tamron 180mm + EX580 II ; ISO640 ; 1/200s ; f/6.3 , Fill-flashed, Handheld

Photographing butterflies is a challenging pursuit, as these flying jewels are often skittish and rarely allow more than a fleeting moment for the photographer to compose, focus and press the shutter.  Spotting a butterfly perched on an isolated flower, proboscis extended and feeding, with a perfectly lit and smooth background is not easy to come by.  However, when the opportunity presents itself, the result is often a moment of exhilaration for the photographer.  Here, ButterflyCircle member Sunny Chir takes advantage of a feeding Club Silverline as it feeds on a Bidens pilosa flower, yielding a perfect pose of this small but attractive butterfly.