26 October 2013

Life History of the Orange Emigrant

Life History of the Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia scylla cornelia)

Butterfly Biodata:
Genus: Catopsilia Hübner, 1819
Species: scylla Linnaeus, 1763
Subspecies: cornelia Fabricius, 1787
Wingspan of Adult Butterfly: 50-60mm
Caterpillar Local Host Plant: Senna surattensis (Fabaceae).

An Orange Emigrant taking nectar from a flower.

A male Orange Emigrant displaying its upperside.

A close-up view of the head of an Orange Emigrant.

Physical Description of Adult Butterfly:
On the upperside, the forewing is white with a black border and the hindwing is deep chrome-yellow. In addition, the female has a black post-discal fascia on the forewing and a series of black marginal spots on the hindwing. On the underside, the wings are yellow with intermittent, faint brown post-discal spots. A brown ring marking can be found at the cell-end on both wings.