18 September 2014

Butterflies Galore! : Darky Plushblue

Butterflies Galore!
The Darky Plushblue (Flos anniella anniella)

Amongst the four Flos species extant in Singapore, the Darky Plushblue (Flos anniella anniella) is the least encountered species. It is usually found in the heavily shaded forest understorey within the nature reserves in Singapore. Normally, they are encountered singly but sometimes in the company of other Flos and Arhopala species.

The Darky Plushblue is skittish and alert, and can fly rapidly if disturbed. This newly-eclosed individual was recently shot within the forested nature reserves. The upperside of the butterfly is a lustrous violet-blue. The apical area of the underside of the forewing is prominently whitened. The species has been successfully bred on Lithocarpus elegans (Spike Oak), Lithocarpus conocarpus and Lithocarpus ewyckii.