29 March 2012

Random Gallery - Spotted Judy

Random Butterfly Gallery
01 : The Spotted Judy (Abisara geza niya)

ISO1250 | 1/100s | f/4.5 | Fill-Flash | HandHeld | Canon 1DMkIII | Tamron 180mm

Many members of ButterflyCircle are accomplished photographers in their own right, and this new series will feature random works from various members on a regular basis. On most weekends, members are out in the field, photographing butterflies and always striving to get a better shot that attempts to improve on the previous one.

Members then share their hard work at the ButterflyCircle forums. This series captures some random shots from the forums and features our members' latest works on this Blog. The objective is to share with our readers, recent random butterfly shots whilst we research and prepare the longer weekend articles on this blog.

For the opening shot in this new series, we have a Spotted Judy (Abisara geza niya) taken by Sunny Chir.


Andrea said...

And we readers are always very impressed by the quality of your photos here. And thank you also for the range of information. If only i have good camera, i will try to somehow emulate them here.

Commander said...

Thanks for the kind words, Andrea. Do get a camera, go shooting and post your shots at the forums. Many of us started with simple Point-and-shoot cameras and worked our way from there. There are many more butterflies in the Philippines that we would love to see as well! :)