24 May 2013

Random Gallery - Tawny Coster

Random Butterfly Gallery 
The Tawny Coster (Acraea violae)

After settling down in Singapore since 2006, the Tawny Coster has continued to spread southwards into Indonesia. The species continues to thrive successfully in Singapore, as it is able to adapt to several host plants, mainly of the Passifloraceae family. Its favourite caterpillar host plant is still Passiflora foetida a "weed" that grows rapidly in cleared areas and wastelands. As the female lays anything from 20-50 eggs at one go, the species is statistically more successful in terms of its survival, as long as its host plants are found commonly.

Over at Gardens by the Bay, the Tawny Coster has been observed in the areas where there are wildflowers and the less manicured parts of the gardens. Here, ButterflyCircle member Sunny Chir shot this pristine male Tawny Coster feeding on the flower of the Coat Button (Tridax procumbens), balancing itself quite comfortably on the rigid wildflower as its proboscis probes the flower for nectar.

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